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Deluxe Estufa Finca Farm Stove with Air Base and Cook-Top


This clean burning, 5-gallon capacity stove can create high quality biochar from a wide range of dry organic input materials. Each pound of this durable high carbon charcoal removes three-pounds of atmospheric carbon from the carbon cycle. Biochar will store that captured carbon in your garden soils for thousands of years, making this a unique carbon negative energy technology. This version of our classic Estufa Finca design comes with a removable cook-top and an air-base, with primary air damper. Perfect for carbon negative cooking in the garden or on the go.

This biochar producing device is a micro-gasifier, that burns the smoke as fuel, before it leaves the chimney. Originally developed for use by migrant farm workers cooking with open fires in Costa Rica, the stove has also proved to be a popular tool with US gardeners who want an environmentally responsible way to create biochar for building carbon in their soils.

$ 150.00